Baby Pictures, Perez Art Museum, Miami

What a lovely photo session I had last Saturday with baby Liam! The boy was happy, great poser, so pleasure to work with! If you ever photographed little kids you know what I am talking about. They move constantly and do not care about you trying to create their best portrait. With baby Liam it was different, he was in his best mood. Fortunately for me he could not run far, because he is not even 1 year old 🙂 The funny moment was when his parents started coughing all at once, so I asked them if they are ok…  Yes, they were perfectly ok, but coughing made him smile and laugh… Whatever it takes. Overall I loved capturing a happy babyhood of a bike lover – Liam. See it yourself, enjoy!

family-baby-portraits-01 family-baby-portraits-02 family-baby-portraits-03family-baby-portraits-04 family-baby-portraits-05 family-baby-portraits-06 family-baby-portraits-07 family-baby-portraits-08 family-baby-portraits-09