Family Portraits At South Pointe Park, Miami Beach

What can I say? It was an amazing family portraits photo shoot. We picked South Pointe Park in Miami Beach as a perfect summer style / ocean view location as our backdrop. In the winter beach-side was almost clear of swimmers or people tanning at the beach. So we had plenty of clear sand and beautiful turquoise color ocean in the background.

The family got together for a weekend coming from the US and France to visit Miami based parents. If you have a large family living all over, you probably know how difficult it is to get everyone together for the family portrait. The tricky part of this photo shoot was timing – noon is probably the worst time in Miami for the outdoor photography. Harsh shadows, squinting eyes, strong breeze from the ocean, heat are all the challenges at once; plus two little kids running around who are not ready to pose for the pictures.  But eventually I let kids play with the waves and it turned out beautifully!

Here is black and white version

DSC_2661-2 DSC_2682-2 DSC_2700-2 DSC_2709-2 DSC_2712-2 DSC_2735-2 DSC_2742 DSC_2756-2 DSC_2769-2 DSC_2796-2 DSC_2802-2 DSC_2805-2

 Here are a few in color

family-portraits-miami-beach-057 family-portraits-miami-beach-074 family-portraits-miami-beach-076 family-portraits-miami-beach-087 family-portraits-miami-beach-089 family-portraits-miami-beach-096 family-portraits-miami-beach-100 family-portraits-miami-beach-125 family-portraits-miami-beach-142 family-portraits-miami-beach-163 family-portraits-miami-beach-171 family-portraits-miami-beach-177 family-portraits-miami-beach-180