Wedding At Epic Hotel, Miami

Lisa and Nestor’s wedding at beautiful Epic Hotel, Downtown Miami. Epic hotel is an upscale modern venue with gorgeous bay and ocean views and downtown views out of the rooms’ windows (depending on the room, of course). You can have your wedding ceremony somewhere else and have a reception at the hotel, or you can have it all all at the same place, just to make it easier for you and your guests. In this case, no need to travel between the ceremony and reception locations. Ask the catering manager how you can save, I believe weddings on Fridays have a good chance for a nice discount.

Here are images of Lisa and Nestor’s wedding.

                   wedding-epic-hotel-miami00 wedding-epic-hotel-miami01 wedding-epic-hotel-miami02 wedding-epic-hotel-miami03 wedding-epic-hotel-miami04 wedding-epic-hotel-miami05 wedding-epic-hotel-miami06 wedding-epic-hotel-miami07 wedding-epic-hotel-miami08 wedding-epic-hotel-miami09 wedding-epic-hotel-miami10 wedding-epic-hotel-miami11 wedding-epic-hotel-miami12 wedding-epic-hotel-miami13 wedding-epic-hotel-miami14 wedding-epic-hotel-miami15  wedding-epic-hotel-miami17 wedding-epic-hotel-miami18 wedding-epic-hotel-miami19 wedding-epic-hotel-miami20 wedding-epic-hotel-miami21 wedding-epic-hotel-miami22 wedding-epic-hotel-miami23

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